Preserving your family Photographs

Our family photos are priceless. They deserve special care to enjoy with family and friends, ensuring they will be around to pass on to the next generation.
360 Photo Organizing will take care of this for you.

Boston, Massachusetts


Digital Organizing

Digital Organizing Services

Many people I have worked with are time starved and overwhelmed by the thousands of photographs they have across numerous devices. The process usually takes a phone call and a personal meeting with each family. I will then work from my office where I will develop a manageable streamlined storage system, delete duplicates/fuzzy/dark photos and ensure there is a good back up system in place.

“Florence, I am thrilled with the work! We spent last night as a family going through them, which made for one of the best birthday evenings we have ever had as a family. Thank you so much.”

Printed Photo Services

I will personally come to your home and help you organize all your photos that you have in old albums, shoe boxes and elsewhere. Together we can identify the best way to categorize the photos. Once organized I will digitize them and create a library that will mirror the printed photo library. The printed photos will be stored and well labelled in archival quality photo storage boxes.

“Florence Foley is a skilled and effective photo organizer. In November, 2015, she completed a very complicated job, covering several generations of family photos, ending with a collection of over 2000 photos of various sizes, some in poor condition. She was efficient, and a pleasure to deal with. I recommend her highly.”

Printed Photo Services
Photo Book Design

Photo Book Design

Once a family’s photos are organized the next step is often to create a photo book. Many people just glance at their digital photos, so it is great to have something tangible to share and display with friends and family. There is no better coffee table book than one of your family.

“After trying to sort through my millions of photos I decided to find a professional to help me sort and edit. A colleague recommended Florence and my experience has been nothing but perfect. The outcome is I have all of my best shots sorted and edited and I even got an amazing table top book. LOVE!”


Whatever your photo needs are I strive to help, for example, I once helped a client create a photo slideshow for her 30th wedding anniversary. I went through her vast collection of photos, digitized the best ones of her thirty happy years of marriage. Uploaded the collection onto digital photo frames, which were then displayed on each table for the party celebration.

“Florence – just a quick note to say thanks very much for making my bosses party for her husband so special! It is obvious how much you care about your clients. You took my piles of disorganized photos and managed to turn them into a story. We were working under a tight schedule and you got the job done with ease (or at least you made it seem that way!) I look forward to future projects with you.”

Florence Foley - Owner

About Us

Originally from Ireland, I spent the last 14 years of my career in New York as a fashion designer at Ralph Lauren, Uniqlo, Brooks Brothers and others which developed my skills in time management, communications, creative thinking and a high level of comfort with computers.

Following the sale of our family farm in Ireland and the subsequent sad passing of both my parents, I recognized the importance of preserving personal family history and spent a great deal of time reviewing and organizing the many photos our family took over the years. The resulting portfolios are a wonderful memorial for both myself and my siblings, this work planted the seed for what is today 360 Photo Organizing. I derive a great deal of joy helping families preserve their history and memories and I look forward to working with yours.

I recently relocated from New York to Boston, Massachusetts to be closer to family.

Contact Us

Every family is different and every project is unique.
We offer one on one consultations. The first half hour phone consultation is free.
Please contact us with any inquiries you may have.

Florence Foley
360 Photo Organizing
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